Healing the Self Through Psychosomatic Connection

There are 3 predominant ways of considering Health & Healing; The Bio-medical model which looks at health from a purely physical perspective, the Holistic approach which includes looking at a person's mental, emotional and spiritual health as well as lifestyle and environment and the Metaphysical model which acknowledges that everything we see and everything we are is made of energy, created by Creative Consciousness, of which we are an active part but which we also co-create with Source, God/dess, The Creator, All That Is or the Universe.  

It's really important that you take a moment here to align with what it is that you know to be true for you. If you believe that the issue or dis-ease that you're facing at the moment within your mind, body or emotions is purely physical then I'm not the healer/therapist for you. I don't mean that to sound dismissive or harsh, its simply that the methodology I work with works predominantly within the principals of Holistic and Metaphysical healing and as such, you have to KNOW that you are more than just your physical body to be able to be open to the huge, life-changing and life-affirming benefits of healing through these modalities. 

In my work I work with the 5 Parts of Self that I identified and was guided to through my own healing journey. These 5 Parts are your Physical, Mental, Emotional, Energetic and Spiritual Selves. They work together holistically to enable you to experience life in a myriad of ways and as a beautiful by-product of that, when you work with one part, you positively effect the others. 

Although to some this might sound quite 'out there', its really not! You know, for example, that something like stress effects your energy levels and your emotions, you feel it in your body, your mind is constantly whirring trying to get you into a better place and that affects the choices you make in terms of lifestyle, achievements and your environment. Those choices then continue to have an impact on your overall health and well-being. 

Traumatic and stressful events from your past are still impacting the choices you make today. Your incredible brain and nervous system are still responding to feelings that they received through your Mother while you were in the womb! When there's a huge back-catalogue of negative experience, that sends the systems of the body into overwhelm and, understandably, when under such intense pressure, the systems cannot work as effectively as they were designed to do. 

I use psychosomatic (mind-body) connections to access the energy and emotional blocks that stressful experiences cause within the body to release the load, allowing systems to regulate, trapped emotions and past experiences that no longer serve you to be released, enabling the Holistic Self to do what it's designed to do - bring you back into a healthy balance where you can be truly happy.

Everyone has a different reason for seeking support and reaching out often requires a great deal of courage. Know that whether your issue stems from PTSD, traumatic relationships or abuse, events in your childhood, assault, domestic violence, anxiety, addiction, depression, low self-esteem or self-confidence, phobias, neurolinguistic challenges (Tourette's, stutter) weight loss/gain, recent health diagnosis, Cancer and much much more, you will be held in a space of unconditional love and understanding.  

I am here to support and guide your healing but also to empower you to create the life you dream of going forward.  

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