Healing the Happy Guru way

Healing the Happy Guru way

The way we perceive our lives, defines our experience of life itself, so, one of the first things I do when I start supporting my clients is to get REALLY clear on how they see themselves, view certain aspects of their lives and what they have made the experiences, situations and circumstances of their lives mean to them. I listen carefully to the language a client uses for themselves and around the significant people in their lives. I tune into the body and how it expresses as they express. As a clairsentient, I am also able to feel into the energy being expressed through the emotional and energetic bodies which assist me in identifying where in the body there is stuck energy or negative energy blocks.  

Then the tools come in!! As someone who is devoted to consciously creating my own life on the daily, I know what works when time is an issue, I know how to get past the crazy monkey mind that never seems to give us a moments peace so that we can at least find calm! I utilise the cyclic nature of the world, I foster deeper internal connections for my clients and encourage them to recognise their unique gifts that they can share with the world. I have been taught and have personally developed SO many tools and techniques that integrate love and contentment into our lives enabling us to live life through our passions and joy as much as possible. Lets face it, life IS a rollercoaster! But I believe that it's the way we carry ourselves in the ups and downs that builds our resilience and ability to bounce back brighter from the downs and receive fully and without doubt when on the up! I love people and I love sharing and co-creating with my clients. We are community beings, we are not designed to go through this life alone and fare better when we support one another than when we pit ourselves against one another. This is Oneness and this is Universal Law, so why reinvent the wheel?!

Whether you're working with me 1-2-1 in my holistic coaching, unravelling life, trauma, limiting beliefs, behavioural patterns - or anything else you need to release - through Brainspotting or building a practice of calming the mind, integrating flexibility and confidence or releasing through the body - or maybe ALL of the above! - I bring my experience, expertise, training, intuition, respect and unconditional love into every session.

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