The Founder of This Happy Guru...

The Founder of This Happy Guru...

Kirsty Taylor is a Holistic Happiness Coach, Brainspotting Therapist and Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. A free spirit at heart, Kirsty identifies herself as a Global Visionary - someone who inspires others to care about the world and themselves and teaches how to create and navigate life consciously.

Her passion is reflected through her soul work, which aims to encourage self-belief and self awareness in those she reaches and to inspire the inner-standing that change may be inevitable, but that the path it takes is always down to personal choice and there are always opportunities to create something to our benefit en route.

As an emotional intuitive and energy worker, Kirsty uses her gifts alongside her training and expertise to channel and connect with emotions and blocked energy to guide her clients in their journey towards inner healing. She inspires people to reclaim their power, embrace their incredible potential and utilise the innate gifts that come with being their unique Human selves.

After she was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2012, Kirsty travelled to India to complete her Yoga Teacher Training at an Ashram in Rishikesh. Having practiced Yoga on and off since she was 21, her immersion there changed her life and her practice. She became acutely aware that she was carrying grief, trauma and incredible sadness in her body from previous life experiences, which was expressing as physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. Through the wisdom and guidance of her many Gurus there, she became more focused on the experiential path of Yoga and particularly mindfulness, which she saw as a practical, action oriented way of controlling her negative, self depreciating mindset. When she returned home to Thailand she deepened her practice in the Buddhist tradition of vipassana, went into silent retreat at a monastery and continued her study of anatomy and physiology focusing on emerging science around cellular health, ancient philosophy and wisdom and exploring the quantum energy body.

Alongside her passion for learning and self development, Kirsty was parenting 3 children and supporting her husband in his dream to create Eden from land they bought in the Thai jungle whilst maintaining his business in the UK. Life was busy and noisy and sometimes very lonely - the perfect setting for developing her yoga and mindfulness practices! She recognised that other people all over the world could be going through what she had been through and began documenting how to build mindfulness, breathwork and meditation into even the most mundane of chores or smallest of time scapes as well as designing classes and workshops that reconnected people with their bodies and the more subtle aspects of what it is to be Human.

Kirsty combines Yogic practice and her Happiness Coaching with the neuro-experiential therapy Brainspotting to enable her clients to feel where they are carrying stuck emotion so that they can focus on letting it complete it's process. Her work is often complemented with essential oils, as pure therapeutic grade oils can help connect the physical, psychical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Kirsty is a devoted mother, wife, animal lover and world explorer. She loves singing, dancing and playing her Rav Vast in her free time and whenever she has the opportunity she loves travelling the world, meeting as many beautiful souls as possible, adventuring in her campervan and retreating to her second home in Thailand or exploring her Soul calling to Central and South America.

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