1-2-1 Holistic Happiness Coaching

1-2-1 Holistic Happiness Coaching

75 min session

£120 per 75 minute session.

Discover how to identify, connect with and rebalance the 5 parts of Self to achieve a more joyous, abundant and 'in-flow' Life experience. 

At some time in everyone’s journey, “Life” brings us to a point of challenge. We realise that we no longer bound out of bed in the morning and cruise comfortably through our day, instead we feel that simply making it through the day is feeling more like walking through treacle!  

Of course, this may not be through every aspect of our lives, but one element out of balance can disrupt and influence the whole and, if left untended, can niggle its way into further reaching parts of your life and, inevitably, unhappiness and discontentment sets in.

Some signs of this happening in your life might be feeling constantly tired and burnt out, experiencing headaches or brain ‘fog’. You may also feel heavy in your body, stiff, lethargic and unmotivated to get up and do even the smallest of tasks. Underlying symptoms might be that you get angry or frustrated easily, that you find yourself blaming, shaming or feeling guilty towards yourself or others, that it takes you a long time to calm down from run-of-the-mill frustrations or that negative thought patterns dominate much of your day. Equally, you may be on a path of self sabotage through addiction or self harm or feel as though you just can’t be bothered - like arguing or sticking up for yourself just isn’t worth the fight. All these are signs that at least one element of what makes you, You is out of balance.

Using her “5 Parts of Self” methodology, which integrates yogic practices, quantum physics, psychosomatic healing, anatomy and physiology and life coaching with emotional attunement - including plant medicine, affirmations and sound therapy - Kirsty’s holistic approach of working with your thoughts, feelings, energy, spirit and physicality help you to realign your focus and behaviours, address your coping mechanisms in order to rebalance your Self so that you can be the best version of who you are and understand why you've been experiencing Life the way you have. 


Sessions always include: 

* working through present day issues and identifying the previous experiences behind the obstacles you're facing now 

* processing and releasing trapped emotions and beliefs so that you're able to expand your personal capacity now!

* envisioning actions steps that you can take between sessions, which keep life moving in the direction that you want to see yourself going.

* development of self-compassion and self-love practices which shift anxiety, anger or depression and combat the coping mechanisms you may be using to numb the upset you're feeling.

Daily integration is key and you have to put the work in! But by looking at the areas of your life that are out of balance alongside how you think, how you feel and lifestyle habits that can support you more positively, you can shift factors in your life that are holding you back, work out how to flip the switch on the challenges that you face daily and learn to rewrite any limiting beliefs and negative Self talk that are keeping you in your current state of being.  


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