Alchemising Anxiety

Alchemising Anxiety

40 minute session

Feeling anxious occasionally - especially around new experiences or meeting new people - is perfectly normal. But, if anxious thoughts and feelings seem to be the back drop for your day, then it's time to learn how to manage your anxiety and take back control of your life!

Anxiety is what we feel when we are worried, scared or nervous about something that we believe could happen or is about to happen in the future. Most people feel anxious at times and huge events in our lives - like moving houses or jobs, going for scheduled operations for example - normally generate a feeling of anxiety, as we face the unknown outcome of change linked with our fundamental sense of survival.

However if your anxiety impacts your ability to live life as fully as you would like then, your anxiety becomes a real problem. 

For example:

*your anxiety is very strong and/or lasts a long time.

*your doubts, worries or fears are disproportionate to the situation you're dealing with.  

*you actively avoid situations that 'might' cause you anxiety.

*you feel like you're out of control and you begin to be scared of what might happen

*you find it hard to go about your everyday life and to do things that you enjoy.

The good news is that there are LOADS of different ways that you can manage your anxiety, stop the feeling of being out of control and begin building a new-found confidence and knowing of yourself that will set you up for EVERY eventuality! 

By working with the mind, body and nervous system, rather than struggling against it, you are able to reprogram your mind and body to adopt behaviours that support you and alchemise that anxious feeling into one of self awareness & self compassion while you reflect on the hidden messages behind your anxiety in order to GROW from it rather than being held back BY it.

Each Alchemising Anxiety session includes tools to calm yourself in the moment, education and learning on how your system is responding to inner and outer world triggers as well as work on what those triggers are and the underlying message beneath them.

As each of us is unique and have our own unique drivers and triggers towards anxiety, its important to remember that each person's therapy or healing will be different to another - what works for one person may or may not work for you. Together we isolate specific times of the day when your anxiety is prevalent and create a different experience for that time which teaches the brain that you're safe and that you're able to maintain that.

As a business owner and a busy Mum of 3 I know how important time is so I ensure that the techniques I give you are able to be easily worked into your existing routines, taking the life you want to be living into account as we work towards building that back up.

Please do reach out if you'd like any further information or to make a booking.

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