Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

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The ancient practices of Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices offer incredible opportunities to uncover and connect to all the subtle elements of what make you, You. 

Kirsty teaches Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness with this in mind, anchoring into the enlightened work of Patanjali, who brought Yoga as a path of inner awareness and discovery through as a lifestyle, over 8,000 years ago.

Nowadays, we are distracted by all things physical. We focus our attention on the material - bodies, assets and worlds we have or can create, often focused more on what we can own and how we can appear, rather than the experience of life, as it's experienced, each day. Because of this we believe that we are in control of life; that we determine our outcome through cleverly calculated planning and design - which is true, up to a point. The outcome of this, however, is that when we loose control, we struggle, judge, criticise and feel failure that is often mis-directed and misunderstood.

The path of Yoga - which includes the practices of mindfulness and meditation - challenges us to stay more in the moment and to be grateful for all we have now. It's philosophy encourages us to take care of ourselves and to have more faith in the path we walk so that we might become more flexible in life and enjoy the idea of "just trying" without so much fear of failure. Through each subtle aspect of attuning to Self we are encouraged to be content with the idea of making mistakes and getting up to try again using Life's challenges as an opportunity to observe the workings of our minds as we grow through life, rather than being dictated, judged and criticised by them. Since our perspectives create our emotions and our emotions shape our reality, so bringing awareness of Self Into the conscious mind we are able to balance all aspects of Self, as we work on one.  

The Yogic path is a journey of Self discovery that you can continue to engage with in every part of your day because not only are you learning about your physical, mental, emotional and energetic self, but you are aligning more with your spirit to enable the inner voice of your higher consciousness to be heard and felt. From there you have the opportunity to practice bringing awareness and meaning to the moment and, with practice, this becomes habit - a mindset.  

Apart from this keeping the body in a calm, healing state, supporting your overall health and vitality, it supports you to mentally and emotionally manage life's challenges more calmly and with the intention to learn and gain from difficult situations, as well as simply handle them.  

Kirsty’s passion is to teach and demonstrate all she has leant and embraced through 20+ years of study, integration and practice of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga, to help you explore the beauty and complex wonder that you are.

When you invest in working with someone whose talent it is to connect you with the unique flow of your Life, you begin to live life through a different lens. Obstacles shift, flexibility in the mind and body grow, the body is given more opportunity to heal and energy levels rise. 

Each group session combines asana, pranayama (breath work), meditation and philosophy. Through regular weekly practice and further learning tasks, Kirsty guides you into a deep connection with your mind, body, breath, energy and spirit whilst enveloping you in a community of like minded people to develop new connections, friendships and a level of accountability to yourself that only comes from having other people hold space.

Classes are for 75 minutes and are delivered via Zoom each week. For those unable to make it to a LIVE session, classes will be recorded and made available within 24 hours. 

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