Holistic Heath Group/Team Coaching

Holistic Heath Group/Team Coaching

Following the international success of "Empowering You", a signature course designed to increase team energy, focus and drive within the workplace and each individual, This Happy Guru now offers bespoke team courses. 

Facilitated both online and in person, through private team groups and in group workshops, sessions over the course of each week include coaching, mindfulness, moving meditations and team building exercises designed to infuse a change of energy within the workplace. Proven to improve creativity, enhance managerial communication, drive accountability and passion, as well as improving the mood and relationships within the workplace, bespoke packages unique to your team requirements are tailored with your business, budget and timeframe in mind.

"In early 2019 I began to recognise that my UK based staffing team were struggling, burnt out, professional and personal pressures began to show.

I consulted with Kirsty Taylor who had began offering ‘Happiness Coaching’ to ensure I have highly effective employees, who love their job.

I couldn’t afford not to engage Kirsty to work with my organisation.

After our initial fact finding conversations, we began, collaboratively to work on a plan to bring support in all areas of the teams lives, not just professional.

Kirsty not only absorbed all of the company policies/procedures and ethos and culture, but learnt about our regulatory requirements so that her training could then be executed in the work place.

Kirsty took herself on her own self learning journey, living and breathing <the business> to fully understand what it is we want to deliver, and what the barriers are.

Kirsty was so easy to work with. As a business owner, we don’t always have time or funds to bring this level of offering to our teams, but with Kirsty working so closely with each individual to uncover their stories, challenges and their truths, providing mental health support through one to one engagement, holding yoga and healthy eating and food prep sessions, to going onsite working shoulder to shoulder with each team member to really see how the business works and how the staff actually manage the day to day, and offering real guidance and support to ensure they were being effective in their roles.

The feedback from Kirsty after each session was crucial. It was clearly delivered, so that we were able to move on with a defined plan for next steps. Almost like taking a weekly pulse. Kirsty executed this with such warmth and professionalism.

Kirsty worked with my team for a year, and her role evolved, taking over leadership of training, holding the team accountable and responsible for their learning, inspiring them to take their knowledge and deliver it within the workplace, creating strength within the team, ensuring bonds were made and bridges built.

Kirsty is an excellent communicator, is always available for support, is upbeat, happy, professional and this spills over into anyone working with her. I highly recommend any organisation, especially post Covid, that is struggling to inspire their teams to take the leap and engage with Kirsty, tailor making a programme, to bring happiness to your business.

I can’t wait to work with Kirsty again.

                                   ~ Dee Dogar, Owner and Director of Childs Play International


NB/As each company's needs and budgets are unique, prices are provided on consultation.

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