NEW: Alchemise Emotions Workshop

NEW: Alchemise Emotions Workshop

6 week course

WOW! The past few months - in fact years - have been hard!

Let's face it, COVID knocked us all for six; changing our lives way beyond our control, instilling a quiet sense of dread that anyone around us could potentially be threatening our lives just by breathing... and now the repercussions of lockdowns - which we felt at the time, but now know to be unbelievably far reaching - have left us in crisis, across the world.

* Almost all public sector workers, here in the UK, are striking over conditions and ill-matching income vs inflation.

* Blatant corruption in Governments across the world is daily news.

* More and more people are becoming homeless...

* More and more stress and strain on health systems...

* More and more mental and physical health issues...

The list goes on... if you tune into the TV you'll be seeing this every night, coupled with war, food shortages and various new features on deprived areas of the world who are starving or areas, like China, who are in living in totalitarian states...meanwhile, each of us is managing the economic strain in our own households, as prices for everything sky-rocket the cost of living.

We all KNOW this. We all SEE this... we definitely grumble about it... but do we acknowledge that it affects our moods, our emotions and the quality of life that we are able to experience on the daily?

Do we realise that the collective trauma that the world is going through is affecting each of us differently depending on what else we're carrying personally?

Life carries on, right? But that extra stress that surrounds us can polarise internal struggles and massively affect our ability to handle stresses - especially emotions like anxiety, grief, depression, anger and impatience. If you feel like you're struggling, you're not alone.

Environmental stressors also affect your physical health as we ignore all these feelings and push them down into the body to be deal with at a later date. This can lead to increased use of coping mechanisms and coping behaviours, which of course will cause long term effects, even if they provide a small amount of respite in the now.

So what can you DO about all this?

Well, you can't change the world... but you CAN change how you respond to it, how it impacts you and how you handle the stressors that come your way.

> You can learn ways of controlling the mind so that it doesn't overwhelm you with thoughts and negativity.

> You can learn how the body works and apply scientifically proven techniques that immediately calm your emotional response meaning that you're more likely to respond rather than react to triggering experiences.

> You can understand the language of YOUR body and what it's trying to tell you - where it's storing tension, sadness, anxiety, heartbreak or depression and you can learn how to nurture it and support those parts that are crying out for attention simply and without huge changes that feel overwhelming in themselves.

> You can connect in with your nervous system to be able to let go of the feelings that take over your body and mind, scattering your energy so that you feel depleted, lethargic and disinterested in anything other than what feels easy.

> And as a by-product of all this (and more!) you can learn about how the experiences of the life that You've lived have affected your confidence, your choices, your self-belief and your capacity for personal development and a deeper connection with being an essential part of this world. From this vantage point you can learn greater understanding and compassion for yourself, forgiveness for the "fuck ups" and work on letting go of any patterns that you see just don't serve you anymore.

Across 6 weeks from 11th January 2023 I will be teaching how to EMPOWER your body, RELAX your mind, INCREASE the energy levels you experience, SLEEP more soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the best of each day - yes, even in the middle of the UK winter!!!

Every single day I see people reach out for help with anger, depression, anxiety, grief, worry for their children, fear for the mental health or physical health of their spouse... for many, the straw is about to break the camels back and they don't know what to do...

Don't be that person!! Take action - that first step!  

and start embodying that thing called LIFE on the daily - its the greatest gift we've ever been given... LIVE it! And learn how to live it as happily as you can!

Contact me for more information or to sign up and check out my website for testimonials from those I've worked with who say things like:

"My nutritionist recommended Kirsty and from the moment I spoke to her online I knew she was the therapist for me. She is so kind, knows her stuff, gets me to look at problems from different angles, has great techniques for all sorts from relaxation to dealing with triggers to breathing exercises. I can only recommend her" - Maria, Surrey

"The first time I met Kirsty I was instantly in love with her energy. Her joy was contagious and literally made me feel better just being in her presence... I had many traumas from my childhood that I was ready to let go of. Her ability to empathize with my life experiences was extraordinary and she held space for me to open up and feel deeply loved and safe during the sessions. I was able to make several breakthroughs and move past my sticking points. I would highly recommend working with Kirsty- you won’t be disappointed. " - Melissa, USA

"I honestly don’t know where I would be now. If I hadn’t started working with this happy guru. My journey is still new yet so far My life is more bearable and I’m actually finding joy in things which I haven’t done in a long long time. I’m appreciating nature more, I’m beginning to love myself. I am forever grateful for all that has come from working with kirsty so far and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the future... Couldn’t recommend this happy guru enough" - Emily, Sussex

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