Psychosomatic Trauma Therapy using Brainspotting

Psychosomatic Trauma Therapy using Brainspotting


Brainspotting - a psychosomatic therapy - is a powerful, fast yielding, focused therapy that enables us to identify, process and release our (often) deep rooted neurophysiological triggers related to trauma.  

Our subconscious mind is incredible at managing our exposure to some of the more negative experiences of life. Gauging our ability to process information received at any one time, it filters information that it doesn't think we can handle at the time down into the body, where it is stored for processing later, when the current "fear response" situation has passed. 

Emotional or physical pain, traumatic events or illness, accidents, devastating news, grief, abuse or even negative experience while in the womb can trigger dissociation, addiction, self sabotaging behaviours and many other challenging symptoms, which will worsen if the underlying trauma is not overcome.

General trauma can occur from:

  • Accidents
  • Hospitalisation
  • Medical procedures/Surgery
  • Loss
  • Abuse
  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Racial Hatred
  • Transphobic Discrimination
  • Chronic illness
  • Diagnosis of a life threatening disease

Traumatic Childhood events:

  • The loss or absence of a parent
  • Abuse
  • Exposure to domestic violence (mental, emotional or physical)
  • Bullying at school

Developmental or complex trauma such as:

  • Growing up with a parent with a mental illness
  • Growing up with a parent who is subtly shaming, judging or emotionally unavailable
  • Abuse
  • Loss and grief
  • Going through foster care or adoption

Pregnancy, birth & infancy events such as:

  • Premature or complicated birth
  • Still Birth
  • A Maternal illness or accident during pregnancy
  • Pre/Post Natal depression
  • Syntonic Birth trauma

Multigenerational trauma which may have affected:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Other family member(s)

Psychosomatic therapy works by tapping into the body-mind-body communication networks. Utilising this brain-body connection, accessible through the optic nerve, Brainspotting harnesses the body’s innate capacity to Self-heal through the direct link between our autonomic nervous system, limbic brain and vision.

Simultaneously a form of diagnosis and treatment, psychosomatic connection can also be enhanced with Biolateral sound to offer a deeper, direct and powerful experience, whilst remaining focused and contained within the client's experience.

Sessions: last for one hour within which some time will be allocated to processing, some to talk therapy and some to grounding and initial integration. The time spent on each process will vary from client to client and session to session.  

It is always best to approach Brainspotting with an open heart and mind so that you are able to more easily connect to what your mind, body and emotions need in that moment to help you heal.  


PLEASE NOTE: As with all psychotherapies, it is possible to experience some emotional distress and/or physical sensations related to prior life experiences that have been locked away before processing, however, both clinical reports and research done on 1000s of Brainspotting clients show no additional side effects. 

Learn more about Brainspotting from its founder Dr David Grand phD here 

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